Borland updates Kylix

The drag-and-drop Linux development tool gets a remake, with a free version specifically for developing open source applications to follow
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Borland has revamped Kylix, its Linux software development tool, to include better support for Web applications, including Microsoft's .Net.

Kylix 2, announced on Tuesday, builds on the tool's popular graphical programming environment and adds more features for Web services, including support for Web service standards like SOAP (simple object access protocol), XML (extensible markup language) and WSDL (Web services description language), the company said.

Kylix, announced earlier this year in desktop and server editions, is aimed at the large group of developers already familiar with Borland's popular Delphi programming tools. It provides an easy-to-use interface and a library of reusable components to speed up application development, things that Windows developers have been used to for years but which are hard to come by in the Linux world.

Delphi has itself recently been updated to support Web services.

"Borland's combination of Kylix 2 with Delphi 6 delivers true cross-platform development, which is especially important as Linux continues to grow as a mainstream operating system," said Bill Claybrook, research director, Linux and Open Source Software, Aberdeen Group, in a statement.

Web services are expected to become increasingly important as more sophisticated applications are transferred to the Internet, and tools like Kylix are aimed at making it easier for Linux developers to take part.

For new users, Kylix 2 Enterprise costs $1,999 (about £1,400) and the professional edition costs $249 (£175). Borland will also release an Open Edition for free download in the fourth quarter. The Open Edition is specifically for creating applications for distribution under the GPL (GNU Public Licence), and programmers will need one of the paid versions if they want to keep their applications proprietary.

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