Box acquires BYOD-driven startup Subspace to bolster compliance controls

Box has made a few strategic, product-drive acquisitions in the last several years with its latest purchase tapping into BYOD.


Box announced that it has acquired Subspace to bolster security, compliance and other control features on the cloud-based platform.

Founded in 2013, the Berkeley, Calif.-based businesses has been tapping into the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement with a digital workspace based on a containerized web browser.

Subspace's method for securing corporate data in transit and on endpoints was designed to free up devices from constant IT control.

Or as summed up on the startup's landing page, "Today's work is done in a web browser, not in thick applications."

Box CEO Aaron Levie lauded Subspace in a blog post on Tuesday for pioneering "the use of containerized browser technology for managing access to valuable content from the rapidly growing variety of corporate and personal devices used in the workplace."

Highlighting Box's industry-driven business strategy (notably for financial services, healthcare and life sciences, among others), Levie reiterated that Subspace's agenda going forward will be dedicated to data security on Box.

The Subspace team followed up in a separate blog post that as it will continue working on solutions for securing company data on mobile devices, its own standalone service will be shutting down in 30 days.

Subspace is also no longer taking new registrations, effective immediately.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. All seven Subspace employees will move over to Box.

Box has made a few strategic, product-drive acquisitions in the last several years, including online document tool maker Increo Solutions in 2009, iOS app Folders and document embedding service Crocodoc in May 2013 , and dLoop in November 2013 for stepping up data analytics and security.

Image via Box