Box aims to take down last barrier to cloud adoption: security

Following up the launch of Accelerator, Box is trying to match its speed with better security.


Box is ramping up the security end of its cloud storage service with several new features and partnerships intended to offer IT administrators greater visibility and control over uploaded and shared content.

Robin Daniels, head of enterprise product marketing at Box, said via telephone on Friday that there are two major barriers to cloud adoption: speed and security.

Box has made its attempt to tackle the first of those two challenges with last month's launch of Accelerator , a global data transfer network designed to enable international users with the ability to upload documents and content faster.

The enterprise cloud storage service is now unveiling its upgraded security strategy, which centers on the following four pillars:

  • Advanced content search for administrator consoles: Admins can search by user, content type, date, size and context
  • New reporting API: All native reports can be pulled and imported directly into third-party data intelligence tools such as Good Data
  • Native two-step login verification: Single sign-on partners include Okta, VMware, IBM and Citrix, among others
  • Integration with Proofpoint DLP: Using the Box API, when a file is uploaded, Proofpoint’s security-as-a-service is notified. Proofpoint will then scan the file, and if it finds content in violation of policy, the service will alert the administrator.

Daniels asserted that these services will provide IT administrators with the visibility they need to know what content is being uploaded and the ensuing trends happening with that data.

All of the new security services are included in Box's existing pricing structure.

The advanced search system and two-step login authentication will be the first features to roll out as soon as next week, followed up by the availability of the reporting API launching during BoxWorks during the second week of October.

The integration with Proofpoint will follow in beta during the fourth quarter with wider availability planned for Q1 2013.


Screenshots via Box

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