Box deployed across Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport has deployed Box's enterprise cloud storage platform across all four divisions of its business.

Hamburg Airport

One of Germany's largest commercial airports, Hamburg Airport, has deployed Box's cloud content collaboration platform to employees across the entire company.

Hamburg Airport's Project Manager of IT, Danny Heyn, says that Box's ability to meet specific requirements for content management and security, in addition to the flexibility cloud storage brings to the table, were all driving factors in the deployment.

"Our workforce has become increasingly mobile, we now need to provide access to content across multiple devices and ensure employees have the right collaborative tools to do their job," said Danny Heyn. "Our move to Box has introduced simplicity to mobile file sharing and management processes, it also helps our employees to work more creatively and efficiently."

Box has been deployed across all four divisions of the airport's core business including aviation, ground handling, centre management and real estate management, streamlining the collaborative process between business units and other external parties. While the airport's data has been offloaded to an external cloud provider, the internal IT team has been tasked with protecting more sensitive data using ‘extended administrative capabilities’.

Hamburg Airport along with London's Heathrow and Gatwick Airports are a part of a growing number of international airports that are making the transition to the cloud in an effort to better mobilise their workforce.

A recent discussion paper submitted to the representative body of the world's airports, Airports Council International, revealed a major cloud adoption push by a number of airport operators across Europe.