Box extends OneCloud support to Android

Box OneCloud is getting bigger with 50 Android app integration partners to match another 50 for iOS.

Enterprise cloud storage provider Box is continuing to ramp up its mobile efforts by extending support for one of its latest solutions to the Android mobile operating system.

Introduced as "the first mobile cloud for the enterprise," OneCloud was originally introduced in March. The app enables mobile device users to access and edit their cloud-based files directly on smartphones and tablets with third-party apps in one unified place (Box).

OneCloud started off with 30 application partners a few months ago. This time around, Box is boasting at least 50 Android app integration partners to match the 50 for iOS. Some of the premier Android partnerships include iAnnotate, Breezy, Docusign Ink and Fetchnotes.

Box is also introducing a new OneCloud SDK for Android for developers to build app integrations on Box.

Box OneCloud is available today in the Google Play store and other Android app stores. The iOS version has been ready since March.