​Box open sources JavaScript tool for enterprise applications

The JavaScript tool, called T3, is designed to be modular, enable collaboration and enforce best practices.

Box on Wednesday said it has open sourced technology it developed called T3 Frameworks, which has been used by the cloud storage provider to deploy large JavaScript applications.

The company said it has been using T3 for 10 months and found it has been able to implement new features faster than traditional JavaScript.

Box outlined how it used T3 to tame an unruly codebase that was maintained at first by a few engineers but ultimately needed dozens. T3 is meant to be a small piece of the overall architecture.

The code changes were difficult to track and new features were a crapshoot. T3 stands for take 3 since Box has tried to build a JavaScript framework two other times. T3 takes the Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture and turns it into a model-less system. The approach allows Box to write small components that can be isolated.

Those components cover services, modules and behaviors. T3 forces you to put your code and ideas into a category. Box maintains that everything it builds falls into one of those categories. T3 can also be used with other frameworks.

Generally speaking, T3 was created to enable collaboration, modular design and best practices.

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