Box overhauls Android app; offering 50GB of free space with LG

Box developers also built in a new document preview function, supporting more than 100 file types at "lightning-fast" rates.


Box is retooling its mobile strategy with two new developments on the docket this week.

The first is a complete overhaul for its Android app from the new user tour to a new swipe menu on each item. That's followed by a new partnership with a prominent Android ecosystem partner, LG.

Version 3.0 of Box for Android aims to make its corporate users more productive with a few new elements, one of which taps further into Box's OneCloud mobile app community.

The app now hosts a native OneCloud app gallery, enabling users to immediately identify which apps are compatible with respective file types stored in their cloud lockers.

Box developers also built in a new document preview function, supporting more than 100 file types.

Promising "lightning-fast" results, Box mobile product manager Simon Tan remarked in a blog post on Tuesday that "even historically difficult file types (such as PowerPoint) render perfectly" thanks to this upgrade.


More improvements include new image gallery experience and the addition of Turkish and Polish language support, bumping the grand total of supported languages on the Android app to 26.

Box for Android 3.0 is available to download now.

Tangentially celebrating the new Android release, the Los Altos, Calif.-based business is giving away 50 gigabytes of free storage space to new and existing Box users who purchase LG's premium G-series devices.

The Box app will also be preloaded to these devices.

Thus, the new owners can grab their free cloud storage allotments by signing up for and/or logging into Box from these particular LG smartphones and tablets.

The promotion is valid for one year for Box users in the United States, Western Europe, and South Korea.

The enterprise cloud company has conducted similar promotions previously, notably with Apple's iPad and the long-defunct HP TouchPad.

For reference, Box's standard freemium scheme for individual accounts dispenses up to 10 gigabytes of free cloud space.

Images via Box