Box revises preview mode with support for more industry-specific file types

Box says its users have spent more than 3.7 million hours previewing more than 9 million pieces of content stored on the cloud platform each week.


Box is revising the window of sorts into its cloud storage platform.

That would be an upgraded preview tool bolstered by the expansion to support more than 120 file types overall in preview mode.

Reflecting Box's ongoing industry-specific strategy, some of those added file types include video previewing for at least 15 file types (i.e. .mov and .mpeg) as well as 3D images (.obj and .stl) and medical images like x-rays (DICOM).

Brandon Savage, director of product management at Box, noted in a blog post on Thursday that its users have already spent more than 3.7 million hours previewing more than nine million pieces of digital content stored on the cloud platform each week.

To nudge those numbers even higher, Box has tinkered with the user interface and back end infrastructure to speed up performance rates and streamline the experience overall.

Design-wise, the most obvious revisions will be found on the header, side, and content bars, now touted to be smarter thanks to the infusion of metadata and suggestions for relevant actions based on the content being viewed.

"For instance, when an image is opened it includes actions like rotate and slide, and when a video is opened it includes actions like start, stop and volume control," Savage suggested.

Box already did some fine-tuning elsewhere in its growing productivity portfolio in January, beefing up the word processing Box Notes app with more design-heavy elements and an often overlooked (but no less essential) tool set: embedding images, tables, and version history.

Box will likely be making more announcements in a few weeks with its annual developer summit in San Francisco scheduled for April 22.

Screenshot via Box


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