Box steps up efforts to woo companies in regulated industries

Compliance is a headache and Box launched Box Governance to land more customers in regulated industries such as health care and financial services.

Box on Monday said its governance service, which is designed to support enterprise compliance requirements, is generally available.

The move gives Box more heft in regulated industries such as financial services.

Box said in a blog post that its Box Governance service complies with regulations, satisfies e-discovery requests and meets various compliance issues. Box also said it supports FINRA and SEC 17a-4 compliance for financial services companies.

Those latter regulations govern how investment banks and securities firms deal with broker-dealer records and how they are stored, managed and deleted.

According to Box, its governance add-on can move content and manage it throughout its life cycle. For instance, some companies have to retain data for a few years and then dispose of it after a certain period. Others have to hold it in a pen in case needed.


Box is hoping that its regulatory tools can put the cloud storage provider into larger accounts.

Box Governance includes:

  • Automated policies to control deletion schedules for documents.
  • Content security policies that can block downloads and sharing of information that's sensitive.
  • E-discovery tools to preserve documents and comply with requests.

While governance tools are far from sexy, Box is hoping the services will put the cloud storage and collaboration company in the mix with more traditional software firms on the compliance front.