Brainshark cloud presentation service extends app to iPad

Mobile application converts PowerPoint and other presentation formats into a form that can be more easily navigated on the popular tablet computer.

What small-business owner or SMB marketing executive doesn't wish for better presentation tools options, especially on-the-go? Better yet, who wouldn't love to ditch a heavy notebook for a sales call or meeting, bringing along a tablet computer instead?

That's why many of you will be happy to hear that cloud presentation service Brainshark has developed an application called SlideShark that lets marketers, salespeople, executives and others show PowerPoint presentations using an Apple iPad.

The application enables presenters (or viewers for that matter) to download presentations locally and then project the slides from an iPad 2 using a television or VGA protector. (You can download the slides on either iPad or iPad 2, but you need iPad 2 for the right connectors.) SlideShark, which is a free download, preserves the fonts, graphics, colors and animations that have been built into the presentation. Slides are advanced by swiping or tapping the screen.

SlideShark works by allowing a person to upload PowerPoint files and presentations to a secure online account. The slides are automatically converted into a format that can be viewed more elegantly by an iPad, and the Brainshark service is used to download them when required. (For more details, you can read this more detailed review on the "Uber Mobility" blog.)

Said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson:

"The iPad is supporting business mobility like never before. At the same time, and as the mobile workforce continues to grow, the need to present PowerPoints on the iPad is becoming more critical. We're pleased to offer the SlideShark app to resolve this issue -- allowing mobile sales, marketing and training professionals to present their business content both reliably and effectively, and helping companies maximize productivity."

Brainshark's service is one that lets you "annotate" (if you will) static presentations (including the seemingly ubiquitous PowerPoint ones) into video presentations that include voice commentary. So, if you REALLY don't want to make the trip or are prevented from doing so, you can still "give" your presentation using Brainshark and then deliver it on demand to your audience.