Braintree trying more comprehensive approach to fraud detection

The payments platform is getting some additional fraud protection by leveraging the intel extracted from purchasing behavior.

Braintree, the digital payments infrastructure provider supporting the likes of Uber and Airbnb, is giving the security backend a boost with a new approach.

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The payments platform is layering on some additional fraud protection by leveraging the intel extracted from purchasing behavior across its network of online and mobile companies.

Essentially, Braintree's approach is to monitor a customer's purchasing and payments behavior with multiple companies rather than with just a single vendor over time.

If anything unusual should pop up for a given customer account, then the fraud alert bells go off.

Braintree promises that merchants of all sizes, from startups to the enterprise, would be covered equally by this method.

While it isn't known for serving the enterprise IT space as much, Braintree already has a crowded base of rather well-known startups and mid-size global businesses directed toward consumers.

Along with the aforementioned champions of the sharing economy, other merchants subscribed to Braintree include LivingSocial, HotelTonight,, and OpenTable.

There's quite a variety there, which could provide a diverse pool of data and offer a more comprehensive glimpse into customer behavior across verticals.

The new fraud detection scheme, free to subscribing merchants, is active and available now.


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