Braintree trying single sign-on approach to mobile payments with Venmo Touch

Braintree is aiming to simplify the mobile payments process for users with just one tap, which could mean more money for businesses.

Braintree's digital payments solutions are usually targeted toward simplifying e-commerce on the business end, but Venmo Touch is something that could make mobile payments a lot easier for consumers.

(Credit: Braintree)

The new service is touted as a single sign-on approach to mobile payments.

Once a user signs in and enters credit card and billing information, he or she will be able to check out from any site app on the Braintree network using just one tap.

It's a bit reminiscent of setting up Facebook and Twitter account information on iOS and Android for automatic log-in and use across a device, but it looks like Venmo Touch will only work for companies already partnered with Braintree.

Some of the businesses already using Braintree to power their backend payments infrastructures include Uber, HotelTonight, and Airbnb.

Braintree asserted that an SSO strategy has the potential to dramatically increase the amount of money spent on mobile commerce because it streamlines the checkout process for consumers.

To recall, Braintree bought mobile payments startup Venmo in August for $26.2 million . Similar to PayPal, Venmo produced an app that enabled people to send each other payments (from bank accounts, credit cards, etc) directly on the smartphone app without any other hardware required.

Braintree started putting its new resources to use soon after, starting with the debut of Braintree Instant , a payments aggregator service designed to eliminate the waiting period for a merchant account or underwriting approval.