Brazil is one of the top countries for phishing

Attacks to companies in the country are up 20 percent

Brazil is high up on the list of countries in the world where companies are most targeted by phishing attacks, according to a study released today (10).

According to the RSA online fraud report, Brazil shares the fourth place with Australia as a top country by attacked companies, with four percent of phishing volume.

The other countries on the top five list are India, with seven percent of all incidents, followed by the UK (10 percent) and the US (29 percent).

According to the report, 571 brands have been attacked in Brazil during the period between march and april with 260 and 311 companies attacked each month respectively, reflecting a 20 percent monthly increase.

In terms of the cost associated to these attacks, a separate report by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute released last month suggests that the maximum cost of such an incident in Brazil in 2012 was R$ 9.74mi ($4.53mi) and the minimum expense was R$ 230,000 ($108,000).

Government websites and databases in Brazil have also been under attack in the last few months: in March, an underground marketplace whereby passwords to the Brazilian Public Security database (Infoseg) were sold by R$2,000 ($931), was uncovered by Brazilian TV channel SBT.

Infoseg contains millions of citizen records, with information ranging from prison mandates to firearm ownership and vehicle registration data. After the scheme was made public and the government pledged that the data leakages would end, rumor has it that the fees practiced by the criminals are even higher nowadays, with financial transactions taking place via digital payment tools to minimize any clues left by the crackers.