Brazil IT sector continues to create jobs

The number of positions has gone up by 44,2 percent despite recession, says research

The Brazilian technology sector continues to create jobs despite the country's current economic slowdown, according to a recent study.

Over the first half of 2015, the number of IT jobs on offer in Brazil has gone up by 44,2 percent, according to numbers from human resources consultancy Catho.

In June alone, 10.105 positions were created - that's 3.640 more jobs than the same month last year.

Out of the top destinations for IT job seekers in Brazil, São Paulo concentrates 32 percent of all the tech positions offered in the country, followed by Rio de Janeiro with 9,77 percent and Porto Alegre, the home of major companies such as SAP, with 6,23 percent of all jobs.

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Other key centers with opportunities for technology professionals include Curitiba - where most technology workers of banking multinationals such as HSBC are located - with 4,78 percent of all IT jobs in Brazil.

Another top destination is Belo Horizonte, which concentrates 3,66 percent of all IT positions in the country.

According to data from Brazilian IT association Brasscom, the local market currently employs 1.3 million IT professionals and that number will see a 30 percent increase by 2016.

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