Brazilian e-commerce gets uplift with Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Consumers flocked to websites to spend despite recession, says research

Despite the economic crisis that Brazil is currently experiencing, local consumers flocked to stores online to buy products and services during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.

Business generated online by both events totaled R$3,02bn ($783,000) with 5,8 million orders and average spending of R$521 ($135), according to numbers released by consulting firm E-bit.

This equals to growth of 44, 24 and 16 percent in relation to the prior year, E-bit's executive director André Ricardo Dias told Brazilian newspaper Valor.

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A relative novelty in Brazil, the local equivalent of the American events attracted more than 1,6 million online consumers on Friday alone, with average spending ticket of R$980 ($254).

On Monday, some R$294m ($76.2m) in business were generated, a 56 percent uplift in relation to last year, Dias told Valor. The average spending ticket that day was R$433 ($112), a 26 percent rise compared to Cyber Monday 2014.

As Brazilian consumers hunted for online bargains last weekend, many put their personal information at risk, adopting some rather risky behaviors.