Brazilian sci-tech minister steps down as impeachment vote approaches

Celso Pansera has left in order to vote against the report requesting the exit of president Dilma Rousseff.

As Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff's faces a vote requesting her exit this weekend, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation has stepped down in order to vote against the impeachment process.

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Celso Pansera's party PMDB announced its departure from the government's allied base last month and placed the party's offices, including the MCTI, at the president's disposal - but Pansera was one of the ministers who refused to obey his party's orders.

Eventually, Pansera formalized his resignation in order to return to his Congress seat and take part in the vote that will be held in the plenary of the Brazilian Lower House on Sunday for the initiation of the impeachment proceedings. The request was formally accepted by Rousseff yesterday (14).

While the congressman made it clear that he would like to return to his MCTI job after the vote has taken place, he said there is no guarantee that this would happen and that any decisions on that would have to be made by the president on Monday.

Pansera became Brazil's Science, Innovation and Technology minister in October 2015. His mandate was marred by controversy over his lack of experience in the sector. The politician also had to deal with several budget cuts and the downsizing of several programs led by his department.