breathe hits out at over-hyped WAP

The hysteria and hype surrounding WAP technology has escalated out of all proportion, warns Internet company breathe

Mobile Internet firm breathe warns Friday that WAP is being over-hyped and urges the industry to calm down.

The technology has been criticised previously for being too expensive and having limited capabilities. There has been suggestions that many of the WAP sites do not work properly.

breathe's chief operating officer Sean Gardner adds his voice to the debate. "The promises that WAP allows you to surf the Internet over your phone have been overblown. We surveyed one hundred of breathe's WAP users and they were all underwhelmed," he says.

Gardner urges WAP providers to concentrate on the services that are popular and useful -- like email and location based services -- rather than claiming WAP surfing is the same as surfing from a PC.

breathe intends to roll out voice-activated services in the autumn. "There will be a number to dial into a voice-activated portal which will be customised. It will respond to simple commands," Gardner says. The services it will offer are currently being decided.

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