Brightcove launches

Brightcove has rebranded part of their site from to Brightcove.

Brightcove Launches Brightcove.tvBrightcove has rebranded part of their site from to today. The email I got said the change was so that there could be a distinction between Brightcove partner content and Brightcove technology:

With the switch to Brightcove.TV, we can provide a dedicated site where Brightcove partners can showcase their videos that isn't confused with Brightcove technology offerings. Now you can learn about media publishing and distribution for your business on, and then promote your video on Brightcove.TV.

Perhaps as part of this, they've opened up Aftermix,(ZDNet coverage) their video editing tool, to everyone who wants to use it. Brightcove has some great rich internet applcation technology that helps both manage and create content. It sounds like they're going to highlight that more and separate it from the viewable content. Hopefully it means they're going to build out even more in the way of services for manipulating or handling video. They have a very, very talented team and they've built some world class RIAs.