Brilliant: Restaurant discounts meal for ditching your phone

Restaurants are glowing more from phones than candlelight, and one restaurant wants to change that.

Does it feel like the glow at a nice restaurant is coming more from phones than candlelight?

At least one restaurant in Lebanon sees a problem with excessive phone use and it wants to break the habit.

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern in Beirut is giving patrons 10 percent off their meal if they relinquish their phone to the restaurant during their stay to encourage the face-to-face interactions that bring us to restaurants in the first place (right?).

The small eatery's policy garnered attention when a post on Reddit quickly rose to the front page. Will all the attention the policy received spark a trend among other restaurant?

Already, in the United States, restaurants have taken it a step further and banned phones for reasons ranging from annoying picture takers to "gastro ADD."

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