'Bring your own device' trend prompts IT security fears

IT security professionals are concerned by the increasing trend for employees to bring their own devices to work, according to a survey

Fifty-eight percent of information technology security and audit pros view employee-owned mobile devices as a security risk to the enterprise, according to a survey.

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), a security industry group, surveyed 2,765 IT leaders around the world. Employees bringing their own device to work is a key feature in the consumerisation movement, which dictates that employees will increasingly use their own gear and expect that business software will operate more like consumer tools such as Google and Facebook.

The survey found that 58 percent of respondents viewed employee-owned devices as an enterprise security risk; 33 percent said work-supplied devices are a security threat; 27 percent argued that the benefits of employees bringing their own equipment outweighed the risks.

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