British Airways, Designworks design smartphone-based luggage tags

Will a modern version of the luggage tag speed up flier processing?

Designworks have partnered with British Airways to develop a modern-day version of the paper baggage tag.

Once checked in, passengers hold their smartphone over the new electronic tag. Automatically updated, a unique barcode contains flight details and a record of the bag's destination. Rather than requiring a paper version to be printed and attached at check-in, customers can have their tag quickly scanned at the baggage drop before heading straight though security.

The personalized electronic baggage tag is meant to be used time and time again, which would save the airline paper and printing costs, as well as connecting baggage to passengers more effectively.

Frank van der Post, British Airways' managing director, commented:

"This is a fantastically simple, yet smart device that gives each customer the choice to have their own personalised electronic baggage tag that changes with the swipe of a smartphone -- every time they fly. As the saying goes, 'good things come in small packages', and this innovative device is no exception."

A live trial of the tagging system is planned, so we shall soon see if the concept has merit and can make our trips a little easier.

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Image credit: Designworks

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