Broadcom sees 25/50 GbE as the future for data centers

Expects 40G to fall by the wayside, and hardware optimized switching to replace vSwitch in cloud data centers.

With the release of the BCM57300 NetXtreme C-Series 25/50G Ethernet controller family Broadcom believes they will be enabling the future of the data center with energy efficient small package high-performance Ethernet controllers that are designed for the growing data center and virtualized infrastructure. The cloud optimized products extend the existing Broadcom end-to-end data center portfolio.

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With switching virtualization taking up as much as a third of the server processing power in high-density cloud data centers, the Broadcom TruFlow integrated flow processing engine can increase server performance by up to 50 percent by moving the switching from the software to the hardware. This is a major issue in heavily virtualized cloud environments currently using vSwitch technology for VM-to-VM and VM-to-network traffic.

Broadcom will be using the new 25/50G silicon in their StrataXGS Tomahawk Ethernet Switch to deliver 25/50GbE end-to-end solutions to the data center. With performance that can deliver hardware based congestion notification 5000 times faster than a traditional software solution a data center can enable deterministic network performance across their networks when they deploy the the 25/50 equipped XGS switches. In addition to the TruFlow engine, the NetExtreme C-series products feature

  • Low power: <5W
  • Low chip latency: 1.5-µs round trip
  • Dual-Port 10/25G and single-port 40/50G
  • Industry's smallest (14x14 mm) 25/50G Controller package
  • Integrated base management controller

PCie network interface cards and OCP Mezzanine adapters featuring this new silicon are now sampling to customers.