Broadcom trots out new chip to sort out traffic for next-gen networks

Broadcom's new chip promises to drive 10 Gigabit Ethernet into 4G LTE networks.

Chip image

Broadcom has unveiled a new chip with an integrated traffic manager for stabilizing and maintaining performance on next-generation networks.

Specifically, the StrataXGS BCM56450 switch promises to drive 10 Gigabit Ethernet into 4G LTE networks.

Citing Ericsson's mobility report published earlier this month, Broadcom highlighted that mobile data traffic is predicted to increase 12-fold by the end of 2018 while video traffic is growing by 60 percent annually.

Thus, Broadcom argues that service providers will need greater network intelligence and a scalable framework to manage this rapid growth of consumers using high-bandwidth applications.

With a single-chip ARM-based CPU, the StrataXGS has been set up to do this with the inclusion of a control-plane processor, packet timing and other maintenance functions on top of the traffic management platform.

The end goal, according to Broadcom, is to provide a highly reliable backhaul network for high-speed mobile networks.

The StrataXGS BCM56450 switch is now available for sampling only. It is scheduled to go into production during the first half of 2014.

Image via Broadcom