BroadVision and i2 partner up

BroadVision and i2 partner to deliver an e-business solution.

SINGAPORE BroadVision, Inc. and i2 Technologies, Inc., today at PLANET2000, announced a joint development agreement to deliver a comprehensive e-commerce solution.

The combined offering will integrate BroadVision suite of e-commerce applications and relationship management and i2 TradeMatrix Sell and i2 TradeMatrix Content Solutions, to create a solution that integrates front-end and back-end order management.

The partnership complements i2's sell-side and content management abilities with BroadVision's e-commerce solutions.

"The combination of BroadVision’s e-commerce expertise with i2 TradeMatrix Sell Solution will create real value for customers," said Greg Brady, president of i2. "This unprecedented agreement will enable business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies to rapidly build and deploy marketplaces that reach the entire depth and breadth of the value chain."

The Agreement

BroadVision and i2, together, agreed to the following terms:

- The complete offering from the companies will build on the i2 TradeMatrix Sell Solution, including Sales Configuration, Sales Pricer, Content Exchange, Discovery, and Internet Fulfillment Server.

- The integrated solution will leverage BroadVision’s suite of applications that includes BroadVisionÒ One-To-OneÔ Enterprise, BroadVision InfoExchange, BroadVision One-To-One Publishing, and BroadVision Business Commerce.

- BroadVision’s software applications will be integrated with the i2 TradeMatrix platform, which links to i2’s supply chain planning, optimisation, and fulfillment capabilities.

- BroadVision and i2 will co-market and jointly-sell the integrated solution