Brother and sister duo nabs first iPhone 5 in the world

James and Tamsyn Vohradsky were lucky enough to be two of the first owners of the iPhone 5 when it was launched in Sydney, Australia, this morning.

The long-awaited Apple iPhone 5 has been launched in Australia, with a brother and sister duo becoming two of the first owners of the device in the world.

Due to its time zone, Australia was first country to make the iPhone 5 available to consumers.

The queue outside the George Street Apple Store in Sydney began on Tuesday, and was mostly populated by those who were either paid to be there, or were advertising their various companies . By the morning of the launch today, the line had snaked its way around the block and then some.

Apple owners
Proud iPhone 5 owners James and Tamsyn Vohradsky. (Credit: ZDNet)

The doors swung open at 8 a.m. AEST at the George Street Apple Store. James Vohradsky was the first to emerge from the store, triumphantly holding up his black iPhone 5, followed by his sister, Tamsyn, with the white version.

They were close to the front of the queue and had been lining up for 17 hours.

According to an Apple spokesperson, the pair had also lined up for the iPhone 4S when it was launched last year.

James and Tamsyn were quickly whisked away to the top floor of the Apple Store to avoid the media frenzy outside.

Telstra and Optus also held morning launches for the new iPhone. Vodafone didn't have a launch event, opting instead to mainly ship the phone out to customers today and over the weekend.

The iPhone 5 was unveiled earlier this month. Besides a longer, 4-inch Retina Display, the phone also carries the Apple A6 chip, an 8-megapixel HD camera, and it weighs much less than its predecessors.

Stay tuned for ZDNet's video coverage of the Apple iPhone 5 launch in Sydney.

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