Browse and download available Windows Phone 7 apps with MarketplaceBrowser

An enthusiast has put together a great way to browse through existing Windows Phone 7 apps

Earlier this month I wrote about a feature on Bing that lets you not only browse through all available Windows Phone 7 apps, but also see a current count of them.

Well, Paul Willen, a passionate Windows Phone user and editor at MobilityMinded found limitations in Microsoft's Bing implementation, the on-board Windows Phone search for apps and the Zune Desktop and has created his own solution: The site itself is in its infancy but it already boasts more apps (currently numbering 2436) than the Bing Search (2383 as of this writing). In addition, MarketplaceBrowser features a Top 100 and the ability for users to click a download button, which launches the Zune Desktop software.

I think this site has a lot of potential. You can easily search for anything you want and / or click the category you're interested in. You are then presented with some screenshots, some information about the apps, and even the ability to share or comment about the app.

If you're looking for some Windows Phone apps, or want to see what's out there before you pick up a Windows Phone, MarketplaceBrowser is definitely worth a look.