BT axes 250 contractor jobs

Permies take the reins...

Permies take the reins...

BT is to axe around 250 contractor jobs as it moves permanent staff into their positions.

The company confirmed the move is part of a long-term internal scheme where employees have been trained for customer-facing roles which the contractors currently occupy.

An emailed statement from BT said: "As BT transforms into a competitive networked IT services company, it is creating a world-class team of thousands of skilled, externally facing IT professionals by 2007, backed by one of the biggest training programmes that UK business has ever seen.

"On an ongoing basis, BT staff will move into the revenue-generating ICT roles currently fulfilled by contractors. With this in mind, BT recently released a couple of hundred IT contractors."

According to reports, the "couple of hundred contractors" have been given 30 days to leave jobs in Ipswich.