BT denies suspending broadband connections

A technical problem with ADSL kit from Fujitsu has been preventing some new broadband customers from connecting to the Internet, but BT says it is not suspending connections

BT has insisted there is no truth in reports that it has been forced to stop connecting new ADSL customers while it fixes a technical glitch that is affecting some of its local exchanges.

A problem with equipment supplied by Fujitsu has been preventing some new broadband customers, and some existing subscribers, from getting high-speed Internet access. News of this glitch emerged last week, after people reported that they had signed up with an Internet Service Provider for BT's ADSL product, but that the product wasn't working.

Reports on Tuesday claimed that BT had told ISPs that it could not connect any more customers to its broadband-enabled exchanges until it had fixed the technical problem, but BT has told ZDNet UK that this is not the case.

"BT has not had to suspend broadband connections," a BT spokesman said. "All our local exchanges that use the Alcatel equipment, and some that use the Fujitsu, have no problems at all."

"We're hoping to fix the Fujitsu problem by the end of next week. In the meantime, some new customers may experience a 10-day delay," the BT spokesman added.

The equipment in question is a Fujitsu line card, which connects a customer's phone line to BT's main network. According to reports, problems have been experienced with two versions of this line card that have resulted in some users experiencing a broken connection. BT has already found a way of fixing broken connections, but is still working with Fujitsu to find a permanent solution.

This setback has come at an unfortunate time for BT, as the company tries to cope with a sudden surge in demand for broadband, following the company's wholesale ADSL price cuts.

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