BT launches satellite communication in a briefcase

Space age comms in a bag from BT

A mobile satellite communications system in a briefcase-size package, complete with a GSM-style pricing model has been launched by BT.

BT Satalan is a lightweight terminal that combines voice, fax, and ISDN at high-speeds. BT claims it can provide studio-quality voice transmission, store-and-forward video. Teleconferencing and telemedicine as well as access to corporate inrtranets and the Internet at LAN speeds.

The system operates at up to 64Kbit/s across BT's global network of Land Earth Stations. Users most-interested in Satalan's remote high-speed data capabilities will have to fork out around £4.50 per-minute, with regular usage and high-volume users receiving preferable rates.

Before you place your order for a space-age briefcase, make sure you have around £6,000 to spare per terminal.