BT offers on-site tech repairs to small businesses

The on-site hardware repair service, previously available only to BT's large corporate customers, covers problems with PCs, laptops and servers

BT Business has introduced an on-site computer-hardware repair service for its small business customers.

The service, announced on Wednesday, covers problems with PCs, laptops and servers. It comes in three levels, starting at £7.99 per PC, per month. BT On-site Hardware Repair is already available to large corporate customers, but this is the first time it has been offered to smaller companies, BT said.

"To underestimate the importance of critical laptops or servers to any business — big or small — would be a mistake," BT Business's director of ICT and solutions, Colin Mattey, said in a Wednesday statement. "We aim to cut unnecessary downtime for smaller firms at a fraction of the cost usually associated with emergency call-outs."

The engineers for the service come from BT's Lynx subsidiary, and number around 200. The service's rollout is the latest move by BT in its ongoing transition from communications firm to IT giant.

The cheapest version is the Standard service, which offers a next-day response for faults reported during Monday to Friday working hours. The Priority service (£12.99 per PC, per month) uses the same reporting times, but ups the response time to a four-hour maximum. The Anytime service (£14.99 per PC, per month) also has a four-hour response time, but faults can be reported at any time.

BT On-site Hardware Repair is not available to the company's customers in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.