BTG delivers private cloud virtual desktops and apps with AppsAnyplace

Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG) is a managed services provider that supplies businesses with custom, virtual desktops via private cloud.

Jeff Kaplan, BTG CEO, and I had a multi-faceted conversation about BTG's two new partner programs (BTG Partner Program and BTG Private Cloud Partner Program) and its cloud offerings (AppsAnyplace, Private Cloud, SaaSAnyplace, and DataAnyplace). For this post, I'm focusing on BTG's AppsAnyplace which is a hosted, dedicated private cloud, virtual desktop offering. And if you know anything about what I've written in the past about virtual desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, you know that I'm not generally a fan. However, BTG's virtual desktop solution does solve one significant problem: VDI cost.

I'm always excited to hear about and to learn about hosted VDI solutions because I think that the return on investment (ROI) of such ventures on a small scale for companies is nominal. Hosted solutions make a lot more sense. In other words, you're better off leasing your virtual desktops than spending a lot of money to create your own infrastructure. Everyone I know who's implemented his or her own internal VDI solution either has abandoned it or spent a huge amount of money trying to make it work correctly. And by correctly, I mean as promised by vendors.

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Since BTG is a managed services provider and managed infrastructure provider, all you have to do is pay for service. There's no upfront costs for hardware, networking, data center space, environmentals, monitoring, or support personnel. And BTG's cloud solutions are delivered from Tier 1 AT&T data centers.

Here are some of the AppsAnyplace features:

  • Dedicated Private Cloud Environment
  • Virtualized Network, Security and Storage Layers
  • Implementation in AT&T SSAE 16 Data Centers
  • End User data to be stored outside of the VDI environment
  • Integration with BTG DataAnyplace
  • Patching of the Infrastructure and Desktop OS
  • Anti - Spam / Anti Virus
  • Profile Management and User Personalization
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Private Network Connectivity
  • Monitoring Toolsets and Portal for Reporting*
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Help desk support*

BTG lowers the barriers for consultants, VARs, startups, and independent companies to leveraging cloud services. By offering hosted desktops, fledgling companies can afford to go into business without laying out scarce operating capital for hardware and software.

I recorded our conversation as part of a podcast. Below is the AppsAnywhere portion of that discussion.

I haven't personally evaluated BTG's VDI/AppsAnywhere solution, but as soon as I do, I'll create another post and let you know how it went. One of the features I'm interested in testing is the capability to use any device for the service. I hope to test it on my HP Slate 7, my iPad 4, my daughter's iPad mini, and on my Mac mini. I'm especially interested in performance and usability.

    Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG) was founded in 2007 and is a private cloud and hosted application provider. It manages cloud-based infrastructure and services as a managed services provider. You can reach the company at for more information.

    What do you think of hosted virtual desktops by a cloud provider? Do you think this is a good delivery model? Do you think that companies like BTG make it easier for startups and consultants to create a cloud presence and to extend their services? Talk back and let me know.

    *Monitoring software and Help Desk software by a company with an upcoming Consumerization:BYOD post: Solarwinds.