Bubbleboy virus is wild, no danger yet

Bubbleboy spreads through the Net...

The dreaded Bubbleboy virus has been found on the Internet according to Russian based anti-virus company, Kaspersky.

The virus, which was sent to anti-virus companies earlier this month, was hailed as a revolution in virus writing because it does not require the victim to open any email to infect a computer.

Bubbleboy does not carry a malicious payload, so it will not harm a computer in its current form. However, it does have significant potential to proliferate.

The virus is activated as soon as a message is read and mails copies of to all addresses in any Outlook address book. Virus experts have warned that Bubbleboy has devastating potential should someone give the virus destructive characteristics.

Bubbleboy exploits two ActiveX controls in Microsoft Outlook Express. It displays the message "Bubbleboy is back" in the subject of an email and "Bubbleboy, incidents, pictures and sounds" in the text of a message.

If you are concerned about this, you can find a patch for the flaw in Microsoft Outlook Express here .

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