Budget 2002: What it means for high-tech

Gordon Brown gave small firms a cash boost to spur adoption of e-business, but drew criticism for leaving the controversial IR35 tax law in place. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Disappointment as chancellor fails to axe IR35
Wed 17 April: Gordon Brown 'lives down to expectations' by leaving the controversial IR35 tax in place. Critics say the tax has created a climate of uncertainty for the contractors on which the IT industry relies Small firms get e-business cash boost
Wed 17 April: The chancellor, Gordon Brown, has promised financial assistance to help small firms embrace e-business. Chancellor urged to make it a broadband Budget
Wed 17 April: Gordon Brown could give a boost to the UK's telecoms sector by promising funds to broadband-enable schools and hospitals, according to one union COMMENTARY:
A budget for technology?
Wed 17 April: There has never been a better time to invest in technology. And investment in technology is exactly what Gordon Brown should announce in today's budget. There is a window of opportunity to take advantage of some of the lowest contracting prices in a decade to get major government IT projects brought forward.
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