Budget airline Ryanair eyes purchase of 200 Boeing jets

These are your fee dollars at work: low-cost European air carrier RyanAir is set to purchase about 150 Boeing 737 passenger jets.

Low-cost Irish airline Ryanair may soon sign off on a deal to buy at least 150, and up to 200, Boeing 737 passenger jets, Reuters reports.

The deal would give the carrier's existing fleet a serious upgrade and provide aerospace manufacturer Boeing with a financial foothold as it manages the fallout over 787 Dreamliner safety concerns. It also helps Boeing plug the gap in demand between now and 2017, when the next-generation 737 Max enters service.

It's no surprise the famously efficient carrier would act now; the penny-pinching airline known for its bargain fares and ubiquitous additional fees -- translation: laser focus on the relationship between supply, demand and market price -- is no doubt taking advantage of the dropping demand (and thus value) of the current generation 737 model.

The deal is expected to close sometime this year; no word on whether Ryanair will charge Boeing with a credit card fee upon closing the deal.

This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com