Building a Web site? These three free tools make it a snap

Creating your own Web site can be an expensive proposition. But there's no reason to waste your money buying HTML editors and other site-building tools when you can download great ones for free. Preston serves up three of his favorites.

Do you build Web pages or want to learn how? Join the club--so does half the known universe.

Ah, but will you spend any money for an HTML editor or other Web-building tools? If you do, you're throwing your cash away, because ZDNet Asia Downloads has all kinds of free Web-building tools. Check out these three good ones.

LiveSite is for anyone who wants to create a Web site fast. It offers all kinds of wizards, themes, and templates to build your pages, and even makes it easy to include weather forecasts, news feeds, and more on your site. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

UnFREEz is a great tool for creating animated GIFs for your Web pages. It's a breeze to use--no technical skill required. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

Applet Menu Pack is a collection of three Java applets that let you create menus, mouseovers, fade effects, pop-up menus, and more. (Free/Win95-98-NT)

So stop spending your hard-earned money on Web tools--you'll find that some of the best ones are free.