Bulldog fixes broadband problems

London customers of ISP Bulldog are once again able to use the Web, now connectivity problems have been fixed

Broadband provider Bulldog Communications claimed on Friday it had fixed a problem that prevented some London customers accessing its service on Thursday.

The Cable & Wireless-owned Internet service provider — which has used local-loop unbundling (LLU) to install its equipment in some BT local exchanges — insisted that the outage in connectivity had not had a major impact on subscribers.

"It's gone away," said a Bulldog spokesperson. "It's all been fixed. It was a small problem that affected a small number of customers."

Bulldog claims it received only 16 helpdesk complaints after broadband connections were lost yesterday. "There was a problem with LLU metro port nodes" in a small section of the UK's capital city, according to a Bulldog spokesperson, but exact locations of the nodes affected were not available.

Last year, Bulldog was advised to delete notices on its Web site advertising it had won an award from the Internet Service Providers' Association for "best consumer broadband ISP", following complaints about the quality of its service.