Bush goes MP3

First time a major artist and label have released a single only in the controversial digital audio format.

Indie band Bush is to sell its latest single exclusively on MP3.

The Chemicals Between Us will be downloadable from MP3 site EMusic.com for under £1. The single will be available only in the MP3 format and is endorsed by Bush's record label Trauma. It is believed to be the first time a major artist and label have released an MP3-only single.

"We are excited by the reaction to 'Chemicals' and we think it's great that fans can now legitimately obtain an MP3 download of the single," said lead singer Gavin Rossdale in a statement. Record label Trauma was keen to stress the legitimacy of the MP3 deal. "We are making certain that Bush receives the royalties they deserve," stated co-president of Trauma Rob Kahane.

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