Business road warriors might look forward to 'rugged' Samsung Galaxy S4

A more rugged version of the latest smartphone from Samsung might be more appealing for field work.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 certainly looks like a high-end, tricked-out smartphone that could be appealing for consumers -- but a more rugged version might be even more enticing to business users.

According to the Wall Street Journal, such a device is in the works.

The report didn't include many specifics, although it looks like the rugged version of the S4 will closely mirror that of the original, which was introduced to the world in March.

The differences with the rugged edition, according to the WSJ, is that the "Galaxy S4 Active" will be waterproof and dust proof. It is expected to roll out this July.

Certainly, a more durable version might appeal to some consumers -- at least to those who want to tote around a powerful mobile device through some harsh terrains while on vacation.

But as the WSJ pointed out in the case of government use, a device like this has much more potential in the business world.

A rugged 4G smartphone with an eight-core chip (not to mention humidity and temperature sensors) makes a lot of sense (and seems a lot safer) to carry around while in the field instead of comparable smartphones.

The most obvious competitor there would be the iPhone, which like the iPad has found considerable success in the enterprise world. But its frame is a bit more delicate, making it less appealing for road warriors who need something that can withstand a lot of travel and bumps along the way.