Busy week for Windows Phone includes Pandora, Evernote, and Lumia 920 updates

Windows Phone development continues at a healthy pace with app releases and updates, new and exciting games, and firmware updates for the Nokia Lumia 920.

This past week has been a great one for Windows Phone with the release, finally, of Pandora, a huge update to Evernote, and game releases that include Temple Run and Run Gravity Guy 2. We also saw a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 920 and updates made to other Nokia Here apps. Windows Phone is an exciting platform and it appears that developers are definitely interested.


Busy week for Windows Phone includes Pandora, Evernote, and Lumia 920 updates
Image: Screenshot by Matthew Miller/ZDNet

Pandora is one of those apps that people put on a checklist of must-have apps for a mobile operating system. Microsoft announced it was coming back at the Windows Phone 8 launch event and it has taken far longer than I thought to finally hit the Windows Phone Store. I installed it and will use it at times, but personally prefer using Xbox Music and Nokia Music .

Evernote update

Evernote is one of my favorite apps, but the Windows Phone version has always lagged a bit behind the Android and iOS versions. This latest update is a major improvement that makes Evernote one of my favorites on Windows Phone again.

As you can see in the Evernote blog post, the home screen has been redesigned for quick note creation. You can also create shortcuts for notes that appear on this new home screen experience.

Many folks tag their notes, and in the past this was a bit cumbersome on the phone. Evernote improved this functionality, following a Windows Phone index format.

One of the biggest improvements for me personally that will get my wife and I back on using Evernote for my Honey Do List is the support for checkboxes. In order to use Evernote for my lists, I need these and am pleased to see them included.

New games

We are seeing a bunch of new game releases on Windows Phone, including Temple Run and Run Gravity Guy 2, which is actually an exclusive for the Windows Phone 8 platform. Imagine that, a new game coming to Windows Phone before iOS.

Windows Phone Central also posted that several more games are coming to Windows Phone 8 soon, in celebration of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) being held this week. New game titles include 6th Planet, Fling Theory, Orcs Must Survive, Ruzzle, and Propel Man.

Nokia Lumia 920 and Here updates

I turned on my Nokia Lumia 920 and saw there was a new firmware update available and understand it improves image quality, improves automatic display brightness adjustment, adds a handy storage tools utility, and more.

I like the new storage utility that lets you see the details of where your 32GB is going on the device. You can clear out temporary storage, saved me 1.5GB of memory, and also note how much apps, media, and more is consuming.

Nokia's Here apps were all updated and they were likely just performance tweaks. Nokia also updated a couple of system apps for its Lumia devices.

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