Buy a $35 Tile 4-pack from Best Buy and get a free Google Home Mini

It's hard to say no to free stuff.

FBI paid Best Buy staff to check broken computers for illegal activity A freedom of information request revealed that the FBI used the Best Buy division's repair staff to flag illegal content.

Those of you who always lose your keys or wallet -- and are late out the door trying to get to work or a meeting as a result -- should check out Best Buy's Tile deal.

Right now, it is offering $25 to $10 off various multi-packs of the Tile Bluetooth tracker. But the best part is, no matter which model you buy, you'll get a free Google Home Mini with your purchase. So, to be clear, you're saving on the Tile itself, and getting a free $49 smart speaker. You can get the Home Mini in any color, except for the new aqua shade.

Here are the best Tile multi-pack deals, which start at $35:

Just attach the Bluetooth-enabled Tile to an item, and you'll be able to find it by listening for a ring or via crowdsourcing using the Tile app on your phone. We recommend putting it on your keychain, in your purse or wallet, or anything you readily need but always misplace. You can even slot it into a phone's wallet case, if you own one of those. There are many ways you can use this little gadget. It can make your work life and personal life so less hectic.

(Image: CNET/ZDNet)

As for Google's $49 Home Mini, it's a great entry device for those of you considering adding smarts to your home or office. It's loaded with Google Assistant, so you can set reminders and get weather reports and more, and you can use voice commands to control other Internet of Things devices you may want to get, such as smart blinds or smart locks. See CNET's review here of the Home Mini if you want more details about how it works.

Update: Some of the Tile Mate products in this deal allow for battery replacement, which was just announced. Look for Mate (2018) and you can swap that model's battery if it dies.

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