Buy your Mac in Italy for a free extended warranty

Italian law says Apple must provide two years of support free. Seriously.

Here's a cultural difference that surprised me: Apparently, the law in Italy is that you get two years of free tech support. On anything you buy.

Apple, which offers one year and charges beyond that, is finding itself in hot water in Italy. There's a noncompliance action pending against Apple, with a potential fine of 300,000 Euros (I'm guessing this is approximately the amount of money Apple makes in one second). According to Reuters:

In Italy consumers who buy electronic products and other durable goods have the right to get two years of free assistance, irrespective of other warranties offered by a manufacturer.

I wonder if this applies to anybody purchasing an Apple product in Italy, even if on vacation from the US? I also wonder what the street price of a MacBook Pro is in Rome. Anybody know? Maybe the best strategy is to buy your Mac in Italy.

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