Buying Cycle: The new way we're organizing content on ZDNet

ZDNet has a new method of organizing content that is all about helping business executives and IT leaders find the information they need to make smart technology buying decisions.

When you publish as much content as ZDNet does, one of the biggest challenges is organizing it in ways that readers can quickly find to get the information they need to answer questions and solve problems.

We understand how tough it is to find stories once they have scrolled off the front door news feed. That's why we introduced the hot topics on our red navigation bar last summer and that's why we've got a new layer of organization that we've lauched this month.

It's called "The Buying Cycle for Tech Decision Makers" and all about lining up our content with the way business executives and IT professionals use sites likes ours to navigate the process of identifying and purchasing new technologies. 

We have a new page that explains our thinking on this, led by the chart below.


You may have noticed that we've started identifying which stage each article is in. You can find this information in the breadcrumb section at the top of the article, as shown in the screenshot below. 


If you click the text with the name of the stage then it take you to our Buying Cycle explanation page

This is just the beginning. It's a foundation. You going to see us use this to organize content in unique ways in the future and we'll soon be doing it across both ZDNet and TechRepublic. Stay tuned.


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