Buzz Aldrin wants you to pick up STEAM, to get your ass to Mars, and to share space

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and I had a good talk about Mars, the moon, STEAM, and sharing space through education.

Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut
Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut NASA May 1969

I had the very rare opportunity to speak to the second person to ever walk on another heavenly body, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin a few days ago and to get his perspectives on going to Mars, why we haven't done more in space in the past 46 years since he walked there, and to more hear about his "Get Your Ass to Mars" campaign.

Mr. Aldrin's Get Your Ass to Mars (GYATM) campaign is part of his ShareSpace Foundation that promotes science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) for children. provides hands-on activities, inspirational messages, educational visits, and Innovation Kits to help ignite interest in STEAM.

To help fund these activities, Mr. Aldrin has setup an online store where you can purchase shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, or just donate to the cause.

He's also offering a limited edition GYATM t-shirt that he designed specifically for this leg of the campaign. All proceeds from all purchases and donations benefit the ShareSpace Foundation.

"100 percent of the proceeds support the ShareSpace Foundation which addresses science literacy by igniting children's passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math." --Buzz

We talked about budgetary restrictions that have kept us from returning to the moon and from going to Mars. We also discussed what we hope to gain by going to Mars. Of course, Mr. Aldrin's primary focus for these discussions is to promote the GYATM campaign to help fund the educational experience, which we talked about too. I asked him if we've lost our steam (STEAM) in the science and math subjects. I think you'll find his responses engaging and interesting along the way. His hope is that Mars will reignite an interest in STEAM subjects and reignite an interest in space exploration as a new frontier of human curiosity.

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Although we only had a few minutes to talk, Buzz Aldrin is one of those people with whom I'd love to sit down for an entire day and discuss life, the universe, and everything with. He is an extraordinary person who has walked among the stars and keeps on giving of himself to better all humankind. He is a rare and valuable asset to our country. Godspeed.

If I'd had more time, I would have asked the following questions:

If asked, would you go to Mars?

Would you like to go to Mars?

Buzz Aldrin - Get Your Ass to Mars

Where should we go next after Mars?

What went through your mind when you looked back on the earth for the first time from the moon?

You only had a short time to explore the moon. Is there anything you would do or do differently if you'd had a second chance to go?

And I would ask him a faith-based question or two just for my own personal information.

If you purchase one of the t-shirts from either site, please send your pictures and I'll post them on my site or maybe on my site as its maiden voyage.

What do you think of the Mars exploration mission? Talk back and let me know.