By the numbers: PGS datacentre

ZDNet UK has visited the Petroleum Geo-Services datacentre and gathered specifications on the Weybridge location for future comparisons

The main processing hall in Petroleum Geo-Services' Weybridge-based megacentre is geared towards high-performance computing scale jobs, crunching data gathered by an ocean-going fleet of seismic survey vessels.

The PGS datacentre sits at the top of a family of 21 processing centres distributed across the world, with two other megacentres in Houston, Texas and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

PGS megacentre

Inside the PGS megacentre in Weybridge. Photo credit: Jack Clark


FacilityMain processing hall in Petroleum Geo-Services' Weybridge megacentre
Power usage effectiveness (PUE)1.127
Size5,737 square feet
KW per rackCapacity up to 20KW. The high density racks average out to 15KW.
CoolingEcofris air-cooling solution. Direct expansion cooling used for less than 100 hours per year. 24°C threshold.
HardwarePredominantly HPC-geared 1U servers
Compute capacityRoughly equivalent to 40,000 Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz processors
Designed byKeysource
IT power700KW currently used, expandable up to to 1.8MW
OpenedNovember 2008


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