Bye-bye Flip Video: Cisco shuts down its consumer camcorder business

Cisco shutters its Flip Video camcorder business, but there are more than enough copycats to fill the void.

It's official. As part of its consumer business restructuring, Cisco has announced that it will close down its Flip Video pocket camcorder business (yes, the one it acquired for $590 million in March 2009).  Though the company never managed to capitalize on its consumer video ambitions, it's an ignoble end for a great little product that shook up the camcorder market and singlehandedly created the low-cost USB video camera market.

Cisco will continue to support current Flip Share customers and partners through a transition plan, but will no longer be selling the one-touch camcorders that have continued to be among the bestselling video recorders around despite increased competition.  Sure, we'll miss Flip's bright, colorful, design-your-own models, but with practically every consumer electronics manufacturer selling its own version of pocket camcorder (e.g., Panasonic, Toshiba, Kodak, HP, and Sony, to name just a few), not to mention video-recording smartphones honing in on the territory, we probably won't miss them for long.

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