CA improves energy management capabilities in ecoSoftware

Update includes tight integration with the Cisco EnergyWise facilities management platform.

The CA ecoSoftware platform, which CA Technologies offers as a means of improving data center and IT energy efficiency (among other things) has been updated to include extended energy management options.

The new release includes support for a gateway between CA ecoMeter 3.0 and the Cisco EnergyWise technology specification. That means businesses will be able to pull additional energy metrics and information from facilities and IT systems to incorporate in ecoMeter power consumption reports.

The other energy management feature addition comes in the CA ecoDesktop component. The software allows organizations to managed desktop computer power consumption since (unbelievably) more than one-third of all desktop computers are still left on 24x7. The ecoDesktop utility lets organizations automate better management parameters around those client systems. One early customer, the Municipality of Ballerup in Denmark, estimates that the software will help it save $549,000 in energy costs during the next three years.

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