CA Technologies pushes into the cloud

The company plans to roll out 10 new cloud-focused products, designed to manage datacentres and allow customers to swap between providers

CA Technologies stepped up its cloud-computing push on Wednesday with a series of products designed to automate and manage datacentres and allow customers to easily swap between various providers.

The initiative, dubbed cloud choice, revolves around deploying, planning, designing and delivering public and private cloud services. According to CA, the company is rolling out 10 new cloud-focused products. The top ones include CA Business Service Insight 8.0, designed to measure service levels; and CA Automation Suite for Datacenters 12.5, which allows customers to move between private and public cloud vendors.

On CA's fiscal first-quarter conference call, chief executive William McCracken said the company has built its strategy around cloud management. "We believe our years of experience and core strength in traditional IT management and security, combined with significant investments in our portfolio, will position us as the standard in the industry," he said.

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