CA updates security suite for SMBs

The suite combines security, storage and desktop migration into a single package.

Management software vendor Computer Associates has released new versions of its security and data backup suites which sport improved integrated features.

The new Protection Suites, which are updates of earlier products launched in 2004, are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), said Tony Lim, consulting manager at CA Technology Services for Southeast Asia.

The latest Protection Suites, which combine security, storage and desktop migration technologies in one package, comprise six products to suit different SMB needs. The six products are Desktop Protection Suite, Server Protection Suite, Business Protection Suite, Business Protection Suite for Microsoft Small Business Server Standard Edition, Business Protection Suite for Microsoft Small Business Server Premium Edition, Business Protection Suite for Midsize Business for Windows.

Besides the enhanced antivirus and antispyware solutions which help protect PCs and servers from threats such as worms, viruses and Trojans, the new offerings include features allowing users to automate the process of backing up data from desktops and laptops onto servers, enabling information and data to be stored securely in the event of theft or damaged computers. This eliminates the need to manually input user settings, preferences and data on replaced and upgraded PCs as the data is now stored centrally.

According to Lim, all settings for processes can be controlled over a simple Web-based management desktop, which allows administrators to centrally manage data protection tasks, users, policies and reports.

"Simplified management is something that SMBs look for and they would prefer to focus their attention on their core business, rather than on IT. This is why we have made this product so simple to use and install," said Lim.

Although the Protection Suite is based on CA's technologies for larger enterprises, Lim explained that they are developed specifically with SMBs in mind.

"Yes, the technology is enterprise level, but we have put them together in an integrated product meant just for SMBs," said Lim. "It was really designed for SMBs in the Windows environment because most SMBs typically use Windows, unlike larger enterprises where the servers could be running Solaris and others."

The Protection Suites are available in the Asia-Pacific region, and prices start from US$325 for five licenses of the Desktop Protection Suite.

According to a survey commissioned by CA, only 25 percent of respondents in the United States had automated data backup processes in place while less than 40 percent had anti-spyware protection in place.