Caldera jumps on Linux IPO bandwagon

Say Linux, then say IPO... It's a new trend and Caldera is betting on it

American Linux distributor, Caldera is taking advantage of the current stock-market frenzy for anything Linux by filing for its initial public offering (IPO).

The registration statement was filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Monday evening but has not yet taken effect.

Red Hat started the trend in Linux stock when it issued its IPO in August of last year. Development firm VA Linux also recently floated on the stock exchange receiving extraordinary first day valuations of nearly 800%.

As well as producing its own Linux distribution Caldera facilitates business implementations of Linux on administrative systems and networks via a variety of Linux solutions as well as ongoing training and deployment.

Caldera is a strong advocate of the open source model for software development and is a member of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), Linux Standards Base (LSB) and Linux International Group.

Caldera's also boasts an auspicious range of business partners including IBM, MTI Technology Corporation, AST Computers, First International Computers, Cendant, Frank Kasper & Associates, Gates/Arrow, Ingram Micro, MediaGold, Navarre Corporation, Support Net and Tech Data.

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