California moves to block 3D printed weaponry

A Democratic state senator wants to outlaw 3D-printed guns.

A Democratic state senator wants to outlaw 3D-printed guns: a concept which makes gun regulation extremely difficult.

Last week, Defense Distributed -- a non-profit created by Cody Wilson -- manufactured and successfully shot the " Liberator pistol ," a handgun made entirely from 3D parts. The day that regulators have probably dreaded came to pass when Wilson shared the blueprint online, and now anyone around the world with access to a 3D printer can also create their own version of the handgun.

It is this possible future that gun regulators want to avoid, including Senator Leland Yee, who commented:

"We must be proactive in seeking solutions to this new threat rather than wait for the inevitable tragedies this will make possible. While I am as impressed as anyone with 3D printing technology, and I believe it has amazing possibilities, we must ensure that it is not used for the wrong purpose with potentially deadly consequences."

A bill to ban the possession of 3D-printed guns is now being drafted before being sent to Californian officials. In New York, two Democratic congressmen are also pushing for the same types of regulation at national level.

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Image credit: Defense Distributed/Forbes

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